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Aerial, Ground & Specialty Imaging
Airplane - Helicopter - Drone
Photography & Video
email:   brian@skyhawkphoto.com
Office: (925) 229-4295  Cell: (925) 787-3313  
153 Macalvey Drive Suite 100
Martinez, CA 94553
SkyHawk Photography is an FAA Licensed Drone Operator.  We provide drone based video and still photography to all of our client types including
Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Developers and Designers
& Public Safety Agencies.
Here are some examples of recent drone projects in the Bay Area.
In this example, our drone is 45 feet above ground, above the tree line,
showing a nice view of the building facade, roof patio and proximity to
the South Bay hills.
This is the same building at ground level.  The trees are obstructing the facade of
the building and there is no reference to the surrounding area. Although this is a
nice image, the drone image provides a different perspective.
This is a vertical, or bird's eye view, of a pedestrian bridge in the South Bay. A
drone is a much more cost effective choice for low altitude aerial photography
compared to an airplane or helicopter.  
This 200 foot view shows the property in relationship to the downtown area, major
roads, transit and the coastline.  Watsonville, California
This image, just above the roof line, shows the facade of the building yet
de-emphasizes the roof.  Adjacent neighborhoods can be seen in the background.
Another view from above the tree line.  The drone allows us to pull back from the
building, above the tree line for a full view of the property.  A ground image from the
street would be blocked by trees and a view from the parking lot would not capture
the entire building.
Using a drone vs. ground based photography also allows low elevation
perspectives.  In this image we were able to position the drone in an area just 25
feet above ground. This shot would have been impossible from the ground due to
obvious safety concerns.
This is an image from 250 feet above ground to inspect the roof of a
commercial building.